#Day 10, of 30 Days Ux Design Challenge

Today I will explore a flow of submitting chemicals to a lab for a check


Company X explores opportunities to provide services for merchants, and businesses that want to verify the chemical quality of their goods, and receive a proof certificate.


https://www.intertek.com/testing/ ->> A company that works in the field of testing and offers certificates of safety etc. for companies to bring their products to market faster.

https://www.element.com/materials-testing-services/chemical-analysis-labs ->>

https://www.tuvsud.com/en/services/testing/chemical-testing ->>

https://www.lucideon.com/testing-characterization/chemical-analysis ->>

https://www.nelsonlabs.com/submit-a-sample/ ->>

These are the results I found during search in google based on keywords “chemicals testing and analysis”

Key Insights

  • chemical testing and analysis I assume is dominated by few big companies, that can offer full range of testing to faster launch products into the market

Define a target

Testing & analysis of chemicals for E-commerce managers who want to test their chemicals with third-party to determine if it has sufficient quality and to get a certificate that they can show to their customers.

And a single critical user flow ->> Learn if my chemicals can be tested.


  • If users can find out whether their chemical can be tested online, this will save plenty of time for both parties


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