#Day 23, of 30 Days Ux Design Challenge

Today’s aim is to reflect on the course lessons of Udacity’s UX designer course.

Developers handoff, what I got out of this section->
When talking to developers or any other member of the team, use a specific way of framing questions that they are open, ie. what are your thoughts on...

Accessibility tool, WebAIM was something new, helps to pick colors/fonts for accessibility.

Also place design in zeplin, when handing it to developers.

Key performance indicators->

important lecture that shortlisted a few analytics tools and showed some of their features, hotjar, optimizely,
A google’s framework HEART, and how to use it was helpful to organize KPIs in UX design.

I am a former international business manager turned software developer and UX designer. Passionate about great UX. Co-founder of Esquia, Plandok.