#Day 26, of 30 Days UX Design Challenge

Today’s aim is to audit dental services clinic mindaugo.lt

Together with Mindaugas we set out to reinvent the idea of a dental business. With a new eccentric branding, vibrant colors and a smile-inducing brandmark we built the whole story and digital experience around the things we felt when we were in the hands of Mindaugas Smile clinic staff. And we’re still smiling!

So the look, the message is totally different from what I would expect out of Dental business. The concept and visuals really come together. Starting from the logo, that is ingenious, following subtle animations and details, fonts, etc.

I’ll try to build my own view on the idea first.
Based on the jobs to be done framework, if the dental business was a person what would I hire him for?
I’d hire this dental “person” for few cases, if I had unlimited cash, I’d hire him so my teeth look and feel stunning, white, good smell, no pain, etc. perfect condition. So I’d feel so good about my teeth, that I’d want to show off.
Then depending on resources available to me, I would do the following, with minimal resources I’d hire this “persona” to fix if something broke, or it hurts a lot. Urgent matters. Basically a painkiller, I’m willing to pay, do whatever so the pain goes away. Pains are in different forms, one is a very direct sensation, and another one is psychological pain when I shy away from smiling because I feel ashamed of the way my teeth look. So tagline “time to smile” resonates the most with people who feel ashamed of smiling, and it’s a great pain for them, other people do not sympathize with this tagline, as they smile and feel good about how their teeth look.

So they sell to people who have a painful experience smiling a psychological pain, which is a great customer. Since people who worry about how they look and want to improve at that tend to spend more.

I am a former international business manager turned software developer and UX designer. Passionate about great UX. Co-founder of Esquia, Plandok.